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Rick Morgan

Rick MorganRick Morgan’s success and reputation, during twenty-five years in executive search, has been earned through identifying, managing and recruiting exceptional leadership in not-for-profit, public, private and government organizations with national and international scope.

He has had a very successful career in executive search established through working in a senior partner and consultant capacity and helping build three of Canada’s major executive search firms.  "There is a satisfaction in being able to grow, nurture and harvest the best practices of executive search into a composite zenith of a firm, hence the mountain logo of Morgan Leadership Search."  It represents the apex of executive search, the ability to take on challenges with high goals and expectations and then through planning and preparation, attention to details and hard work, achieve the summit.

Morgan Leadership Search is large enough to be very effective yet small enough to be personal and intimate with every client.  An average search consultant in any other firm can be engaged in eight, ten, even fifteen searches at any one time.  We are not.  We believe we earn your respect and our fees by spending much more time representing you, working for you, every day.  We promise you that!

Our strengths are in our interpersonal skills and extensive experience partnering with clients to identify, engage and attract superior candidates, matching their backgrounds and styles to your requirements, particularly culture and fit.  We are well known for our work with search committees and have been recognized for our coaching, leadership and execution of the search process.

We guarantee our results.


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